Any interest in purchasing a Game Changing Patented Extraction Process ?

THC/CBD Demos done out of lab in SoCal, 14 year extended patent owner, game changing extraction method that uses half the power, creates food grade quality material, and is made simply so as to not take up an entire warehouse & doesnt cost an arm & a leg ! Super labs are already infringing on the patent… lets chat 310-710-0126

And that patent would be?


Patent No: US 10,081,780 B1,081,780.PN.&OS=PN/10,081,780&RS=PN/10,081,780


Nice job, yes got those both printed from the lab.

I’ve got a bridge to sell as well if anybody’s interested?


SFE? I haven’t read the whole patent yet, but what exactly makes this IP “non-obvious to those skilled in the art”?

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OH MAN, we’ve got a winner folks!



Looks like he gave up before he even really tried.

Is your lab in Wisconsin infringing on the patent ?

Your the child, I have watches older than you.

Partner, has it occurred to you that maybe the fact that these people are “infringing” on the patent is due to the fact that it’s not actually a novel, non-obvious process? I can tell you from first hand experience that anyone with a brain can and has and will continue to build and operate modular supercritial CO2 systems that you can do whatever the fuck you want to, while maintaining a supercritical state in the loop. Smell ya later pal.


Stay small back yard I see your style, I’m thinking global medicine we have different visions of the future of this business.

Well its patented, welcome to America

I’m literally referencing this “patented tech” that you’re trying to peddle, and telling you that it already exists. I think you’re having a hard time with reading comprehension, my friend.

This forum escalates so quickly.


15-20% Yields

Demos out of San Diego

Come out of them moonshine woods and come to SoCal.

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That’s not even a fantastic yield… and why use C02… kind of feels out-dated.

Naw man, he’s gonna C H A N G E T H E G A M E


Hey lets all settle down, no more name calling.
@GanjaSolutions you have a supercritical co2 extractor, there are lots of machines out there that operate on that principal, what is the difference between your machine and the rest of the industry? Is your unit asmc certified?