Any Illinois or Chicago area extractors here?

Hey guys, I am a Seattle area extractor and lab manager who has to quit his dream job and move back to Chicago because of a family emergency. With legalization on the horizon in the state, I was wondering how the job opportunities are out there, along with the areas of operation in relativity to Chicago. If anyone here has insight into this or works in the area, I’d love to talk about it. Thanks in advance for any responses.


Hey good on you for putting family first @CrescentFreshExtract. I can imagine it must be tough to have to leave your dream job. Best of luck to you and the fam homie! I hope you find new employment quick!


We are looking for someone for our new Michigan facility. Its in between Chicago and Detroit.

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hit up Cresco. They’ve got a big old facility in Joliet. Downside of working there is they’re corporate canna which is kinda lame and snobbish - also they sort of lack direction and innovation in terms of how they actually perform their processing. But they’re within driving distance of Chicago and have job openings and there’s hopefully room to move up since you’ve got west coast experience.

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Im not hiring but I am an extractor in the Chicago area. Let’s link up.

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Cresco have the worst negative employee reviews on Work toxicity, favoritism, underpaid; overworked, etc are just a few. They are a burn and turn corporate machine. I know of them burning labs also. I’m still trying to figure out how to view the locked archive on the OR state startup that failed. I’m guessing they got ran off.

Contact me on 312-259-2113. Or send your resume to
Regional office in Glenview and Lab in Northbrook

I am in the process of setting a processing facility, hemp for now. I just got the approval for my state processing license today. I would love to talk to you about the options might be.