Any hemp flower out there for sale?

I have an associate in need of some flowers. I have spoken to about 10 people and every time I request the COA’s the deal and conversation falls apart. Anyone with flower and COA please feel free to reach out or private message me. Thank you in advance.


@ky_cbd would be the man to ask


Thank you good sir. I sent @ky_cbd a dm 17h ago. It showed he viewed it so :man_shrugging:.


He’s a good guy so he’ll get back to you sooner than later - he’s always quite busy


Im sure he will.
People have lives outside of this.

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Chardonnay testing 2022.pdf (77.1 KB)
T1 x TK testing 2022.pdf (77.1 KB)
Lifter testing 2022.pdf (70.5 KB)
Mesa Cherry testing 2022.pdf (75.9 KB)

We have a couple of different varieties available at the moment.
How much were you looking for and where would it be shipped too?

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Dm’d you

@ky_cbd has lb’s of what’s probably the best balance between bulk rate and quality right now.


Lol, some folks at eurofins is biting their fingernails off with all these “hemp” samples they receive from out of state coming out above the total THC limit…


Hes pondering “should I have not dried the sample as much”

Would you be so kind to elaborate the dry base and the as is parameter there?

As is meaning the sample came in with a certain moisture and then they dried it to 4% and analysed dry base?

They would do potency testing on the flower as received (as in not dried), then take a separate portion of the same sample and do moisture content on it (bake off method). Then take the %moisture result and convert the potency numbers to dry weight… Dry potency = potency results / (1 - %moisture)

Potency must be done BEFORE drying flower, very important not to manipulate the sample before potentcy testing.

Yeah I thought so thnx for the elaboration …

With all the skewing for potency going on its the onlyway to keep a labs integrity anyway.

II do feel the input moisture should be stated aswell, and the % of foreign matter… (since ita hemp it could contain larger stems and seeda theoreticaly.)

when will a terp testing protocol be standardized

I have hemp flowers!
I have Hawaiian Grown, CBG, Mosley, some CBD and the blend of both
Processing: 9A68BDA2-711B-466C-B86E-7881DEC3B2A4.jpeg…
Processing: 3DFFCBC1-5AF1-497C-8C91-FCF747062805.jpeg…
Processing: 2C52BC9E-DFC5-4CAF-AD64-6CEA08E95168.jpeg…
Processing: B411B0F5-A5EC-4F46-B07B-AC3E787F595F.jpeg…
Processing: 8BD55BCC-8B4E-4E7C-8E10-38B3BF59EC6A.jpeg…
Processing: BEAAF5A1-7AF9-4E12-9C19-25CC659298F2.jpeg…
Processing: 0C7D3953-2A76-4FE3-BD6A-2C1D99381D18.jpeg…
Processing: 6795B0A4-1926-4B65-8981-2A757EC80C01.jpeg…


responded to everyone.

What’re you seeing roughly for pricing?

they are actually wanting thc-a flower after drilling down on them with questions.


and here’s why i don’t respond

that’s called weed sir


agreed. when he asked, I told myself how the fuck did I get here. we went from cbd to regular weed very quickly.


I think most people who were buying cbd flower really just wanted weed in the first place :wink: