Any extracted THCV on the market or is it all converted CBGA?

Had a client ask and I’ve definitely seen claims of non converted or " plant derived" THCV but when you look into it more its really a conversion.

I remember seeing alot of buzz around THCV biomass and genetics out of Africa. Did anybody ever get a high THCV distillate without using a conversion method? As always any help is greatly appreciated.


I’m seeing it in Extracts in Oklahoma definitely a cool surprise to see


At what levels?

I saw up to 5% in 85%TAC winterized Durban poison BHO when I had access to that flower

There are certainly others that should get you up further than that (eg Doug’s Varin).


Just curious how high of concentration is available. Ive also seen it in some broad spectrum and full spectrum products but it is always less than the 5% or so you speak of.


There are distillates around with 5%ish THCV, usually with about 50%+CBD and 15-20% CBDV.

The CBDV varieties will have higher than normal THCV.

The African “high THCV” varieties are only 1-2% THCV, 15-20% THC in flower, maybe 5-10% in distillate

Doug’s Varin is a variety with about 5-10% THCV. Distillate is about 30-80% THCV and is available in the Cali market. Definitely plant derived, non converted.

THCV from varin hemp is possible but I’ve not seen anything over 5-10%.

Converted THCV is mostly made from terpenes from what I’ve seen, not from other cannabinoids, but with the higher availability of CBDV conversions from this will soon be a good pathway - I get buyers for CBDV for this purpose (looking for 5-10kg per month).

Most THCV from conversions tends to be mostly D8 THCV, not the more active D9 THCV.


CBDv → d8/d9 THCv… pretty simple method. Had pretty good luck with making d9 THCv selectively as well.


Awesome information thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like i need to track down this Doug guy lol.

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I have this but it was converted from cbd v. I’m making it into gummies for a customer


Ive noticed my distillate often has a decent amount of thcv in it versus few years ago, where it was rare in a lab result

any reason for this?


85% D9, 4% CBG, 3% THCV, 1% CBC

I had some Doug’s Varin. It was 5% THCv, 5% THC, 1% CBD. I sold it for a pretty penny because it gave me really bad anxiety.


Recently grew out a few Maui Wowie seeds from Ocean Grown and was surprised at the THCv levels. I’d like to try growing Doug’s Varin one day, heard it’s like 14 weeks also.

some cookies have some. via Durban I hear (I had access to a GSC cut that would show about 2-3% as an extract).


Anyone see CBGV or CBCV yet? Pretty sure KCA is testing them now.

interesting- lower temperatures? no heat? Different catalyst?

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Different catalyst, same process.

We had our last one come back at 99.7% total cannabinoids, with about 53% D8THCv and the rest D8. That’s coming from a distillate that was similar levels of CBDv:CBD extracted from Varin Hemp- Would love to have D9v instead, but haven’t experimented with it yet. At least with less than .3% unknowns it’s not so weird

How in the world does CBGV exist? Isn’t a varin 3 carbons? CBGA isn’t even THCV precursor. It has 5 carbons.


What Oregon cbd is going to do is take there high cbdv strain once it’s perfected then cross it with there cbg strain till they find a plant that makes cbg v, the cbg plant lacks the pathway to make the cbg into cbd. Get this same gene in a cbd v plant and it won’t be able to make cbg v into cbd v

There either isolating cbd v somehow and converting it or there making cbd v synthetically and converting it

It’s 100% converted its got the purple triisobutylaluminium reaction look

I’ll post a pic later