Any chemist in Germany?

Hello, as I am new to this stuff and have no background in chemistry but would like to learn I wondered if there is anybody in Germany who can help with isomerization of cbd to thc?


I can tell you this much, that’s not where you start learning. You should hire a real chemist to handle reactions rather than jumping straight to chemical synthesis. This post is a dangerous mindset. The saying goes “learn to walk before you run”


Hello I could help you! Let me know

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@roiplek aren’t you in the EU?

On second thought this gig may be way below your pay grade

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No, it isnt

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So What is the problem.?
I am asking for a chemist. Who else should know how to do it?

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Thank you for the reply.
How could you help?

It’s a crime making anything like that without a license, and this dude readily admitted he will, thus anyone helping him would be on the hook for conspiracy to manufacture of controlled substances which carries a rather tame 5 years of jail time.

I’d advise anyone to steer clear of this dude.


Surely he can study under yours :sweat_smile:

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I won’t risk having it revoked over shit like that

Don’t you make d8? I’m confused :thinking:


Only method development/scientific use, which is covered.

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So in other words you have no verification of scalability? :thinking: