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I enjoy experimenting, and have stumbled upon my own variation of the sauce tek. I promise to share it on this thread :slight_smile: … (later)

First I’d like to see if we could talk about this video for a bit.

I was hot looping the gas from my tank to my columns (hot loop is a dumb tek elliot uses that will break your recovery pump. It’s better to push with N2 or propane) and the tank shown here pressurized for maybe an hour idk.

Then when I relieved the pressure by opening some valves, spontaneous nucleation started happening. I’d like to know how we could make this happen every time by manipulating solvent types, saturation levels, temps/pressure)
Solvent was n butane- maybe some iso butane. Tank was hotPsi was positive before relieving the pressure. Seems to be at the “saturated” level. This actually led most of the nucleation to dissolve. So less tane next time I guess


It failed one sec

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If anyone wants to buy this equipment :point_down:
Custom stainless steel equipment :wink: let’s keep it in the DMs though



good luck having them not redissolve. :slight_smile:

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