Another batch of chillers arrived in the US for sale

Hello everyone,we have -40℃ and -80 ℃ chillers in the US warehouse now.
Description:DLSB 50/40 CHILLER
Price/MSRP: $4900
Current location of item:LA
Estimated lead time: IN STOCK
User support / Warranty: one year

Pm me for more info or email

@enjoyextra Please include the template.

Ok,thank you.

Description:30L,40L and 50L -80 ℃ chiller
Price/MSRP: $3300+
Current location of item:Los Angeles
Estimated lead time: ready for pick up
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: one year
You can contact me by email address:korayelsie@gmail or pm me.

30L -30℃ ready for pick up,anyone want it?
Cooling capacity:
0°C: 5300W
-10°C: 4419W
-30°C: 738W

-80℃ chiller work with 100lb solvent tank.

Working video from our customer.

-120℃ chiller In stock in LA warehouse now!
Dm me for more info.