Analytical Labs: Tell me about it.

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Who do you use?
Do they provide SOP for their testing?
Requirements for a verified lab(?) (Ex. Pass a double blind test)

Any input is welcomed, like naming suggestions for the category.

I am a big fan of Steep Hill and Evio in the Bay Area! Both labs walked us through their processes in detail. The head of Evio’s Lab is super legit, in addition to a Phd he has a background in extraction. Very knowledgable.

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The only way that labs can be reigned in is the inevitable use of yet more government. When Oregon went recreational I saw this coming a mile away. 15,000 years of mankinds use of marijuanna including as the primary ingredient in Holy Oil as it was made in biblical times and not one documented case of anyone dieing from the stuff.

Now we have become so smart (?) that after three full generations were bullshitted into believing a plant growing from the dirt would crash western civilization that now in order to beg the government to use this medicine that has not killed folks in 15,000 years we must have it “tested” to “make sure” its “safe”. It is utter bullshit and serves ONLY to reinforce the black market, to line the pockets of lab techs that would NEVER have a job without these marijuanna testing laws, and most of all these labs serve as a jumping off point for yet more government.

This thread is proof. All people jumped on the gotta have it tested bandwagon so fast that now there is a plague of worthless lab test results that save nobody, help nobody, and are utterly unreliable across the industry as a whole. I bought wax once touted as 82% THC. If that wax was 50% THC it would be a generous estimate. So here is how this will play out. Folks will realize these labs are screwing them for money and that there is no way to tell by the friendly smile and knowledgable bullshit a Phd type might spit out. Remember that it is Phd types that reported to the government that cannabis was deadly, caused insanity, and had no medical value - and they ALL looked friendly and knowledgable too while they got paid big bucks to spit out garbage that was used against the population. The Phd types I have met are frankly not that brilliant BUT every single one is an opportunist trained to baffle with bullshit.

What will happen is the same as happened with weights and standards like at a gas station. In Oregon at any time unannounce a man from the State can and will show up to have exactly one gallon of gas pumped. This will be checked for accuracy and is an ongoing expense deemed necessary so consumers are sure they get what they paid for. Mark my words. Yet another layer of government control will be set up to do similar weights and measures spot checks at labs for pot. Yet naother salary to ne paid to … keep us safe…

This will save us from… from bad numbers… This was my deepest regret when recreational 420 passed. Once you let the government in to regulate it just grows and grows. And for what??? Don’t tell me that modern practices have turned marijuanna suddenly deadly when it never was before. These limits and such on pesticides seem all nice and cozy but get real lolz! Have you ever seen a happy meal you feed your kids get lab tested? What are the results? How many compounds do you suppose are in a happy meal you feed small kids daily that make the list of serious and verifiable health risks for kids (answer: LOTS). Then promote the idea to a full blown Supersized Big Mac meal. My God we are worried about a few parts per billion of trace chemicals in compounds used only in trace amounts all the while serving up (untested) liquor in bars, and 17 different fast food choices across town serving all ages food known to reduce the life span of folks who eat it regularly.

These labs are a scam and I mean a scam perpetrated against a timid and spooked population who grew up being told a plant growing from the ground represented evil incarnate. Government data points out that marijuanna causes paranoia in folks when in reality it was the guns carried by police looking for you smoking pot that caused the paranoia lolz. These labs provide no benefit to our communities and are simply in place as one more hurdle and expense to keep legitimate. A Phd is a piece of paper on the wall and means nothing expcept now we have carved out a law giving a bunch something to do with their degree and in the process one more high paying salary gets absorbed into the fold. There is no end.

America is choice. I have a choice to choose foods that are lab tested and GMO free or I can choose to waddle down to Burger King and get some seared cow flesh and potatoes soaked in fat followed by an artificially sweetened drink to wash it down. Why can’t I (legally) choose from the shelf a product that has been lab tested by regulated and checked labs OR make the choice to shoulder the risk myself and choose a product I want that has not been lab tested (like the previous 15,000 years of documented use).

Lab testing as an idea was a scam to begin with put in place to mollify a timid and frightened population who simply did not know where to pick up again after a moronic prohibition. For all practical purposes since there is no regulaton and weights and measures sort of verification then what we are left with is simply one more group (labs) that have hopped on the legalization band wagon to milk the cow without bringing anything of real use to the table.

The upside to lab testing and all these absolutely insane taxation schemes is that the black market never looked so good to consumers. The burdensome regulations mean that many farmers cannot legitimately get their product to market and hope to float a business. For people who do not mind breaking the law to obtain pot it has never been cheaper. Legalization reinforced and bolstered the black market. Get rid of the damn worthlss labs. Until you do legitimate businesses will always lose out to those who can so very easily just bypass the bullshit and float their business while the 100% compliant folks are returning their licenses for inability to pay taxes and fees.


I am a “Phd type” and I take offense to this post :sunglasses:


As an M.S. Chemist I wholeheartedly agree with portions of this post as it relates to PhD’s. :yum:

I hate our current testiung regime but I do believe some testing i required. Pesticides, solvent and potency. I am finishing up my in-house testing and just gave a lab a sample in which I already have a good idea of the answer.

I would love to see higher numbers than possible. Fun game right?

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I’m not sure if your argument is just against testing of recreational cannabis. If so, you can ignore this.
Lab techs in this industry really aren’t paid that much. Analytical lab techs in this industry could easily make more money by switching to another industry such as pharmaceuticals.
The testing becomes important for people with compromised immune systems who use cannabis as a medicine. If someone has lung cancer they probably aren’t going to be smoking flower and need to ingest some type of derivative. If these “PhD types” at testing labs don’t know what they are doing, who is to say the people producing concentrates/derivatives know what they are doing? The last thing anyone (compromised immune system or not) needs is to be ingesting large amounts of benzene because someone thought it was a great extraction solvent.
A PhD that hangs that piece of paper on their wall and demands to be called doctor is a dick, but what is wrong with someone obtaining a terminal degree while advancing their knowledge in a field they find interesting?

Just FYI.

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I am in the Maine, RI, Mass area and I have spent at least 20k in testing in the last few years

The labs I have used:
-Tested Labs Kennebunk ME
-MCR Labs Framingham MA
-ProVerde Labs Milford MA

The turn around for potency tests are usually 7 calendar days. I always make it a point to submit doubles or triples of the same sample or batch and I have not really had any issue with any of them being different with the exception of MCR Labs on one occasion. I would rank ProVerde as the best followed by Tested Labs.

I do notice tested labs comes in higher always. I tested 8 of the same exact samples at MCR and Tested and on average Tested was 8% higher.

Edit: Didnt realize this is a 2 year old thread…

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I had no idea. New member here. After reading that thread it is clear he and his contributions were valued by many people. RIP

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