ANA-25 Cannabis; extracting the medicine. One Stop Thesis about all Things Medicinal Cannabis (mostly all things)

This thesis has a specific focus on the cannabinoids and on analytical problems that currently obstruct advanced study of the cannabis plant. Furthermore, it deals with much needed methods for quality control and with administration forms of medicinal cannabis. In general, it may be considered a general guidebook, covering all the basic phytochemical aspects of medicinal cannabis.

Can we have a link? (Am I missing something?)

The PDF is too large to upload. This does link to the full text PDF at the bottom of the page.

Ah yeah. This is Arno’s thesis. There’s lots I could say about him, but let’s keep it civil. From my experience, his science is as shitty as his attitude. Deliberate vagueness and ambiguity, plus the man’s outright objectionable.

The only noteworthy thing I’ve ever found in Arno’s work was with reference to CBC and CBL (I believe) having identical mass-charge ratios. Beyond that, I find the man blows a lot of hot air.

Personal opinion and all that, but I’m basing this on critical analysis of his work as well.

I read some and liked it. Obviously I am not in the know. :wink:

The article is now in the “analytical” data dump folder with the ANA-25 tag

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