An0m Sting operation

Law enforcement agencies from three continents on Tuesday revealed a vast FBI-led sting operation that sold thousands of supposedly encrypted mobile phones to criminal organisations and intercepted their messages for years.

What is ANOM?

ANOM was billed as a fully secure encrypted mobile phone that promised the user total secrecy in communications.

Essentially it was a jailbroken handset that used a modified operating system—removing any of the normal text, phone or GPS services that would make it trackable and traceable.

On the surface, the device would look like a normal mobile phone, but it contained a “secure” messaging service hidden behind a functioning calculator app.

In theory, the phone operated on a closed network—ANOM phones could only communicate with other ANOM phones using “military grade” encryption that transferred data via secure proxy servers.

The phones also contained a kill switch to delete contacts or any other data stored locally.

Similar services like Phantom Secure, Sky Global, Ciphr, and EncroChat have for years been used by criminal networks for planning and communication—and many have been exploited by law enforcement.

Where did the FBI come in?

In March 2018 Phantom Secure’s CEO Vincent Ramos was indicted along with colleagues would eventually plead guilty to a raft of charges related to drug trafficking.

Shortly after that, an unnamed “confidential human source” presented the FBI with a next-generation encrypted device—that would be dubbed ANOM—which was designed to replace discredited, defunct or infiltrated systems.

The same source agreed to disseminate the now FBI-compromised devices among a network of blackmarket distributors who had sold Phantom Secure to carefully vetted or vouched-for individuals, usually members of organised criminal gangs.



Keep thinking signal is anything different! :rofl::joy::rofl:


the only surefire way to communicate is to use ciphers, the enigma machine, pigeons, and bong smoke signals, fight me


At least by the fact signal is used by general public too there is some “noise” and less easy to target specific group of people… Anyway Signal rumors seems to be still a concern…


Given that the fbi did it all with a snitch, anyone in the business of selling encrypted phones to the cartels has got to be sweating right now.


Think this week will be a horrible week for general underground Brokers… And also think impossible only 1 snitch connected to such operation… and the best part is like 20 million of dollars earnt by FBI company selling a snitching service!!! Best FBI deal ever!


Here’s the thing, if someone was like “hey man, I wanna sell you an encrypted phone” I’d immediately figure, that’s pretty sus.

Guess gangsters were like “I’m gangster, I could use me some of that gangster s***” (smiles showing gold toofs)


I heard a lot of people talking of this service and I was offered by general Hemp brokers the phone too 1 month ago… Seems like a multivel marketing scheme of distribution… Ofc useless service to me so no big issue, but surely a lot of cannabusiness people used it …

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It work more like: hey if you wanna do a big business with me, you are supposed to use this special phone, i can provide it for you, cause we care about our safety…! Nice FBI trap!


Hmmm Idk this sounds kinda like Lil Durk’s “I know” music video


tobacco water pipe, officer


@RockSteady Fam A Lam nails it again!



functional glass art

was always my favorite term for it.


So much safer and easier to have your phone built that way and not get one from someone.

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saw that sneaky edit :skull:


I mean, this is kind of “duh” anything you communicate via electronic device can be monitored, thats just a truth, unless you are running a full blown intranet, and even then, that can still be physically tapped, truth is, anytime someone makes a lock, there is a guy to pick it. Getting traffic through an app that seems “secure” is a surefire way to cut through the bandwidth. Even patrol cars can be outfitted with stingrays to pull local data. One of those things that just “is”.

Silkroad was the closest thing, and that didn’t last. For every obvious reason.


Everyone jokes but this pigeon shit is hard. I’ve lost 3 birds this week…


try a razor scraper, unless it’s on your car.


I know this dude who keeps telling me to communicate via text over a secure thingy- fuck that. they need a warrant for a phone tap and I have no reason for them to have a warrant on me- weed is legal texts last FOREVER.

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