amendement help

Hi everyone,

New to posting but have been glued to the forum for some time now. I first need to say thank you for the community you all have built here, its giving allot of us a fair chance at holding onto our place within this industry. I really hope to give back and return as much information as I have gained from all of you.

Im trying to find some help with a soil amendment plan for 10 acres CBD were prepping in Minnesota right now. Were ultimately planing on implementing a no till approach, but as were running a little behind drip tape and poly seem to be our best bet for getting in to the ground this year. Our soil is a bit sandy and low on the OM side, so we plan to add around 40 to 50 yards of a humus addition per acre as well as a bit of bio-char. Does anyone have an interest in taking a look at some of our soil test and helping us come up with an amendment or nutrient program thats not going to fight our future efforts at no till?


Look for your local university ag extension. They are very helpful and usually come affordably, and they dig what they do…no pun intended.


haha for sure thanks ill see what they have to say.

Post it I ll have a look at it with some pro s :smirk:
Which strain will be planted ?

We as a community can assist you In navigating through some providers. What is the cultivar selection, do you have a soil sample we could see?

Did you get soil tested for heavy metals? Supposedly hemp is a bioaccumulator of them, and some people have certain fields with hot spots that they don’t plant bioaccumulator in