Alternative for chloroform

Is there a safer alternative to chloroform for bio wax extraction that is applicable for us students?

Lots of alternatives, but what other characteristics should the alternative solvent share with chloroform?

Does it need to be immiscible with water? Low boiling point? Flammability? Toxicity concerns?

I’m with @ScoobyDoobie what is the object of the game?

isopropanol is cheap and relatively non-toxic.

ethanol is as hair more expensive, readily available, and in use on an industrial scale.


Could you also give a definition for “bio wax”. I’ve seen you use the phrase in 3 threads but I have no idea what that word means to you.

What are you extracting the bio wax from? Plant material or oil?

Dcm is more easily obtainable than chloroform. But halogenated hydrocarbons shouldn’t be used for extracts. Maybe molly or Lucy or sally, but not mary
So, as others have said, what is your application and yeah what is Biowax?


never heard of sally lol

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Sassy sally ?

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I’m not sure I hear it is mda but I believe it’s a ghettochem version that’s impure

Ethanol, Butane, Propane,IsoButane, Acetone, Isopropyl, Hexane, Methanol, Pentane and Heptane are currently what’s being used to make Cannabis Concentrates

Idk why you would use Chloroform or Ether but… I guess when in a second world country.



I believe.

Extra rapey dabs. Bill Cosby is going to drop a product line when he gets out.


Bio wax = live resin?

This thread makes me laugh too much i’m gonna find a different one

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My go to bad pick up line ‘does this rag smell like chloroform to you?’ hold up a napkin or something and youd be surprised how many people start to smell it before they fully process what you said


We are going to use it as a solvent in rotary evaporator to extract wax from a plant, but we are prohibited to use such, so we need a safer alternative

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Sassafras toot bark contains essential oils which are primarily made up of a compound called safrole, which is an easy precourser to MDA and MDMA if you don’t mind handling extremely reactive bromine gas.

MDA is the less common, non methylated form of MDMA - it is the same difference between adderall amphetamine (which is shorthand for the mouthful AlphaMethylPHenEThylAMINE) and methamphetamine - MDA is an amphetamine with a methylene-dioxide group attached and MDMA is a methamphetamine skeleton with a methylene-dioxide group.

Sassafras smells like root beer because it’s a primary component in the old recipe, it was the target of a smear campaign in the 70s which labeled it as a liver killer, there was a study where scientists injected rats with large doses of pure safrole and watched as their livers failed- this proved beyond a reasonable doubt that large injected doses of safrole were not good for rats- so they banned its use for consumption in humans.

Sassafras tea is a fantastic mood lifter and euphoriant, we extract the dried roots with ethanol and use it in cocktails or alone, very astringent and barkey but gives a lot of root beer taste and has a nice energizing effect…


Why prohibited?

Basically any alkane or alcohol is a safer alternative. What wax are you trying to extract… Do you really want the waxes or do you want the cannabinoids? Do you want waxes that coat trichomes or waxes that make up the cuticle of the leaf?

Also you have a rotovap and you’re worried about using flammable gasses?