Alternate Solvents

Hello! First time posting here, so forgive any mistakes I make.

Currently, I have a 12 ton 4x7 press that I use to mechanically separate THC-a. 20ml-500ml beakers, seedling heat mat and a hotplate on the way. Living in a state where solvents aren’t easily accessible for hobbyists. (That I’m aware.)

My question is, how can I go about purifying 10+ grams of THC-A? I have a couple options for solvents.

1.Distilling grain alcohol.
2. Pure terpenes.

If there is a topic I overlooked with this info, kindly leave those keywords, please.
This is all a hobby for me and personal use. Expensive hobby, I know.


Mind me asking what state?

Most gas suppliers will ship…I have started to only buy gas locally when I’m in a pinch.


Lab alley
Ebay :woman_shrugging:


Ohio. So Ethanol 95%+ is out of the question.

What’s your goal with the solvent? If you already mechanically separated your THCa it’s going to a very pure pearly white powder/slab.

There’s without a doubt a lot of options out there that people don’t ordinarily consider for solvents. Just a matter of which helps you get the end product you want.

Just use limonene


The end product either being diamonds or turned back into an isolate. What I seperated doesn’t look like any terpene I’ve seen. What’s leftover in the slab is what I’m trying to get rid of. My assumption was the best way, with what I know about this unknown substance, is; winterization with ethanol and crystallization in ethanol or another solvent. It acts like a lipid and solidifies mid-70 degrees F.

Thanks for the heads up, just found the threads talking about LHO.

Limonene isn’t going to evaporate off clean without a vac. Going to oxidize and turn into a resin and the THCa is going to end up tasting like paint


I do have a small Harvest Right freeze dryer and vacuum chamber. Assuming I was able to use the vacuum pump from HR for that. LMFAO nope.

Ethyl acetate