Alcohol denatured with something besides heptane?

Are there any suppliers selling denatured ethanol that has been denatured with something besides heptane? Preferably methanol or IPA? I know this sort of thing exists but I haven’t found anyone selling it to extractors in large quantities.

greenfield I think no?

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So, maybe I’m reading a REALLY outdated manual but does MeOH actually form an azeotrope with EtOH? My charts have it listed as zeotropic but I always thought it was a denaturant

Edit: if anyone has it @FTGLabs is right, Greenfield/pharmco is great

Pharmcos lead time was 10 weeks on totes of MeOH last time I spoke with them. May be different for denatured

Maybe it’s because we’re closer but we usually see like 3-5 day LTL on our solvents from them including MeOH. Haven’t gotten an order from them in probably a month and a half though so who knows how their supply chain is coping