Alcatel rotary vane pump ok for freeze drying?

Pretty simple have some alcatel audixen pumps laying around think they pull like .03-.01 mbar Ideal range for freeze drying is .1-.16

Anyone know why I would want to spend the money on a Leybold SOGEVAC Neo D 16 Vacuum Pump vs just using one of these? Is anyone using anything that is oil-less and reliable pulling .1 mbar ?

planning on getting a harvest right scientific unit but wanted to get something that more reliably hits .1mbar than their oil less pump that comes default w/ the unit

The aidixen pulls down to 0.001 mbar or below. So with a vac controller you should be more than fine.

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Their default pump sucks balls, the Alcatel would do better for sure

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It’s fine but it won’t like water or loaded oil. E2m28 tends to work alot better especially with ejecting molecules from the oil


Mol sieve is you friend here for avoiding getting water into the pump.


The issues with the freeze dryer is more due to the terpenes and other volatile in the present case. Most water get’s easily caught on the -30c coil, but most volatile terps likely go through and end up in the oil. At least that what I observe in conventional use of freeze dryer for geological samples.

It thus needs to often flush the oil after extended use running the pump with the balast opened.

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Why not just put a cold trap before the pump?


There is one into the freeze drier, supposed to retain all the vapors. One may actually need to hook up a colder trap in between the drier and the pump. Still, this needs to be an electrical trap, since freeze drying process is usually conducted for several days.


What temperatures for a cold trap would be needed, assuming colder the better, there are more ~-50c cold traps than there are others. Do you need much colder (-100c?) to grab the terps and water out?