Airflow Cartridges?

Any cartridges close to the liberty’s that suite a .5 ml thick oil cart? Basically a .5ml with nice air flow
(I personally dont like filling a cart 1/4 of the way, why im not going v1/v9)

been using the TH205s and have had almost no fails or leaks… so Im hesitate on switching but would like to have better airflow/hit thats just as durable

iKrusher JC105s are designed for thick oil, large air flow as well. I work in Colorado where the oil is super-thick and they are some of our top sellers. I work for iKrusher and could get you direct prices if you’re keen

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Ended up going with the .5 v1 liberty’s. I appreciate the offer though

Is there supposed to be empty space for it to breathe? Quite more significant total volume then my th205

Hi @PrimO.Oil Maybe you can take a look at my cartridges.