Air Purification

Aside from industry targeted cannister filters, has anyone found a better and cheaper option? Came across these, no idea how they’d perform:

What are trying to scrub out?

BG305 is right, it really depends on what you’re trying to filter out. Most facilities have multiple stages of filtration before being exposed to a grow room. From largest filtered particles down to the smallest.



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I made a uvc light air scrubber, but never did use it. The mildew I built it for went away on its own. I have been saving it to use in case myself or anyone I know gets covid. From what I read, it is supposed to work on odors. I can try it the next time I have something stinky.

Ozone is the odor killing champ, but of course it is supposed to be mixed into the air being exhausted. I personally don’t think ozone in tiny amounts is particularly harmful. The key would be letting off just enough to that it reacted with your odor, just a very small amount, and nothing left over to hang in the air.

Home depot/lowes sells 2.5x2.5’ sheets of carbon to put inline with your hvac filter.

Cut to fit your application.


I use hydroxyl generators with an ozone option for unoccupied spaces.

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There’s a brand called can-filter who make a filter that is more industrial than the average cans.

They make can-light which lots of grow shops carry. You have to look for the can-filter and it will do much better. They’re about the same price.

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Air scrubber 100%

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Is the air being exhausted or recirculated?

Nordic air makes all sizes too. They also have 2” thick for quest dehu housing Run one in air handler and one in dehu and no other filter in a sealed environment. Small scale.


Preferably recirc

I think you should look at this company if you are in the USA.

I have used they’re filters in the past and was very happy.
I would use them now but they are difficult to get in spain.
Hope this helps.

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Also, check this out, i had never seen or heard of this until reading this post.
So i did some research and found this pdf for people to browse if interested.
Plasma_Air_Cannabis_Brochure.pdf (3.3 MB)

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