Air leak roto? But where?

Hello, I sprang a leak in my 2L. Couldn’t figure out where it was from until I heard some hissing and then found an orange o-ring almost all the way through to my condenser. Sounds like it’s actually in the mechanism itself because I pulled the glass rod from inside that holds the BF and cover2d the joint. Still was a leak inside the mechanism. Anyone have a similar problem like this?

so your leaking from 3 potential places; the vapor tube itself and the rotating mechanism cannot leak; however what can leak are the the seals incorporated into them; check the Teflon seat going to the condenser; also check the envelope seal if this roto has one. next check the mechanical seal that seals the boiling flask to the unit; typically these are two parts; the Teflon seat that indexes into the rotating assembly and the plastic/rubber “diaphragm” that indexes into and compresses onto the Teflon seat; if that plastic diaphragm is hard and not pliable or cracked; time to get a new one.

inspect all orings for cuts and debris.
clean; lightly grease everything; double check integrity and reassemble and see what happens.


Got frustrated and left shop for the day. Thank you so much for your help. I will be back tomorow and will let you know how it goes.

What I’ve learned, getting above 60 degrees Celsius on my roto, I end up breaking something because of the heat. No more of that shit…

(It could be more then 60 heat because i decarb mostly on roto then the rest on hot plate… go up to 100 degrees Celsius in roto.)

55* was my max. More heat, better cooling you need, and you can run a deeper vac.

A few tricks I picked up running over 400 gallons.

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Where does this orange rubber o ring go? I thought it was for vapor tube but then I realized the orange o ring was in the condenser after a bump. Had to be where the condenser and rotating mechanism is.

This is where I put it but I’m getting a leak still when I put in here. Everything looks good and not cracked. The orange o ring is the culprit I’m thinking. I just can’t find where it needs to be

Brand new seals did the trick for the air leak. Anyone know if I have to oil my motor every now and then. Seems like it’s getting quite hot.

Usually they take grease on the worm screw but that won’t make much of a difference for the motor itself. How hot is hot? Like burn your hand hot?


is it wired properly?

It’s hot enough to make you not to be able to touch it long. Never really checked it to try though. I run it for about 8 hours at a time. Its electrical so I’m assuming it should be normal. Although it is a leakphan product if you know what I mean… lol