Air Cooled Lab Recirculating Chillers

200L large low temperature coolant circulation pump DLSB-200/120 factory real shot
The equipment is fully sealed design,air-cooled, water-saving and environmentally friendly, and has low environmental requirements.
Ethanol or ethylene glycol aqueous solution is used as the circulating medium to prevent pollution and scaling,compressor, expansion valve and other major components are imported brands, long service life and stable operation. Rated voltage 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, with overvoltage protection, overheating protection, over-current protection and other functions, circulation system 304 stainless steel material, corrosion and anti-fouling.

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Big machines are more attractive, let them work for you!

Do the test,with a thermostatic chiller

Chiller 40L -80°C working with 100L tank,in Cali

Yes, all of that illegal R22 is in california. Post your address so i can get you raided by the EPA.

Btw if this is what is running in your chillers, your clients should know its being phased out in the US and europe. Meaning its only going to get harder to find.


EPA will only care if theres evidence of gross negligence leading to release of r22 into atmosphere. The federal regs pertain to the production of such refrigerants, not their use.


If im not mistaken its import is banned in the US. I bring this up due to the large pile of R22 in “cali” in the photo.

I didnt say the use is banned, i just implied if the chiller needs service, it will only get more difficult as time goes on. But I guess thats a non-issue on tcus that arent meant to last.

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yea looks like importing r22 is not legal. i wonder if this is only for virgin r22, not reclaimed. Im pretty sure CN signed onto the Montreal Protocol, but can only imagine their enforcement.
Id be curious about what this CN importer here in CA has to say regarding their R22. Maybe their vendor had stockpiles imported pre 2020?

I guess CA state DEQ/EPA would want to see proof of such, as well as proof emissions of r22 are measured/recorded if you were to alert them to the potential offense here

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To be honest I was just trying to get them to admit this isn’t in California, as always. Environmental crimes are serious though, there was news of some super emitter somewhere in the world screwing with the ozone again. I don’t want the future children to fry. I wouldn’t ever bother to take it as far as to really call any three letter on someone short of death or terroristic threats.

I know old car guys go nuts for R22.

Good eye! Their pic def doesnt look to be taken in CA.

RE Refrigerants phase out - im just a bit sensitive to the issue LOL *Im not hoarding CFCs but might be hoarding select fluorocarbons

Our chiller uses R404 and R23A, and R22 is used for other machines. All the photos were taken from the factory in China, not the warehouse in California.

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