Air bubble hovering over oil intake hole and blocking air flow, send halp

Been having massive problems with vapes not hitting properly after a few hits.

After filling and immediately capping a very small air bubble gets stuck on the bottom of the cartridge. Once I start taking hits the air bubble makes its way over to the oil intake hole like the picture and heavily messed up airflow.

I stick the needle as deep as I can while filling at 120f viscosity but still does this on about 15-20% of carts.

I am using 91% distill with 10% terp and 5% viscosity

Try filling to 100% instead of 106%


Just do a few dry hits. This happened when I made some straight distillate (no Terps or cut) carts.

It worked for me.

And x2, always leave a small air bubble

yeah this is normal for the bubble to pop out of the coil usually not an issue