AI vac ovens. Prices for quick sale. NorCal

Trying to get some ovens sold today or tomorrow. They are on a trailer and I’d rather not unload them into storage to reload them. Could meet within a couple hours of Sacramento.

AI 5.0 cu. ft 220v non UL crrtified’s. Less than a year old hardly used. 4500 for one, 4k if you buy 3 or more. 5 total

AI 3.2’s 220v non UL. Less than a year old. Hardly used, 3750 for one, 3 or more… 3333 each. 6 total

AI3.2’s about 2 years old. Good amount of use. Clean up nice still(1 is missing a handle. Those AI handles are cheap af) 5 total

Lots of extra shelves on the 3.2’s in two different sizes. Buy enough and I’ll toss them in.

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Got anything available? Asking for a buddy in Stockton area

What do you have on the larger end of sizes. 5.0 -7.5 Cuft and prices?
I’ll forward that to my buddy and see if we can put something together.

Still available?
If so please Call 5614058595

Still interested in ovens?

Still need ovens near Stockton?