AI 20L Solventvap rotovap rotary seal replacement?

Have an AI 20L Solventvap unit I picked up in pieces from another lab, come to find out the brown rotary seal element is worn out

AI gets $300 + S&H for the replacement…this seems like a cash grab to me, before I go talk to a seal company local here figured I’d ask here if anyone knows what the part number is for the replacement, seems like something that would likely cross to an SKF or Timken part number and cost inside of $100

I think I have one of those. Not sure its exactly the same, it does look a slightly different color.

I show an OD on the seal of 4.931" or 125.25MM and the inner seals against a glass tube which is 59.8 MM or 2.355" OD

Ok I’ll check and confirm tomorrow for you.

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Yeah we have them. I forgot to check dimensions so I will make sure to report back later today to confirm.

Are those the dimensions?

And how much do you want to ship it to Colorado?