Agilent 11000


Agilent 11000 SRI GC Asking 1 BTC for all needs new operating systems have tons on glassware and insdustrial sonicator


willing to say where it is?

which SRI?

@srihugh1 what is that coming off the side of the GC?

The SRI GC in the photo is a 1990 vintage model intended for analyzing benzene, toluene, xylenes ( BTEX ) in soil or water. The thing on the left side is the purge and trap preconcentrator. This GC probably works fine for volatiles and would be useful for residual solvent testing, but is not really good for cannabinoids because it does not heat hot enough. No practical way to upgrade it.

thank you sir!

yeah, it read as “heated transfer” to me…but you guys don’t offer a Mass specific detector, so I wasn’t quite sure what we were looking at.