AgBag advice needed, size capacity and source

Hi Gang,

I need to source some AgBags or Tote Bags to some of you. We’ve got 45 acres of OregonCBD seedlings that are 5-7’ tall and have been told to expect up to 5k pounds per acre. Yeehaw!

I’m guessing tall and thin to fit side by side in a truck for shipping will be ideal, what I’m looking for is some advice if you have real experience cropping out or buying by the ton, what worked for you or what do you prefer your biomass to show up in, and where did you get the bags?

I’m being told rough ground I should expect to fit 150-200# per bag. Do you agree?


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Hey M.A.C. I do business with a company called grove bags and use a product from them that would work for what you are looking to do. Email is so you can reach out.

Happy Harvesting!