Agar No Pour Tek Questions

Petri’s, deep-dish
If the autoclave has a dryer built-in, is no-pour an option, or is this bound to result in a spillover, or leakage?

probably depends what you’re not pouring into, and what you mean by “not” pouring.

mix/melt/pour/sterilize doesn’t do away with pouring…but I’ve seen media kitchens run it this way.

neither does dispensing dry ingredients, then adding water, sterilizing, mixing, set imo. although you’re pouring/dispensing cold water, so that may be a win from a safety standpoint.

I can see magenta boxes working ok with that method, so probably baby food jars and their ilk as well, but I’m not sure I see how to get the required (measured) liquid and solids in in a manner that takes less work than pouring/dispensing liquid only into each one. the dispensing for the dry + liquids option needs more precision than sterilaize then pour/dispense as well.

is it simply that you need a media pump/dispenser to make making plates/jars/boxes easier?

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I use bioworld/magenta boxes almost exclusively.

Mix down with sanitized water, pour out into dishes. Autoclave covered.

Tape them out of the auto clave and never open them unless your under a flow hood. I have dishes that go through a 90+ day life and still work great!


Right, but does that count as “no pour”?!?

I’ve never been convinced that alquoting liquid + still powdered gelling agent was a great idea.

Or am I reading that wrong?

Cook everything in the petri during your sterilization step.

Unless you have thermally sensitive hormones etc.

I run the bio world “PlantMedia” and I even called them to check on the cannaagro line and it’s all good to get autoclaved.

Mix(I bulk mix and pour), autoclave, store, use in an aseptic environment only.


I want to eliminate steps possibly adding room for error when working with or pouring(not pouring) agar, and just moved to re-usable, quartz. This is also pertinent to several methods of eliminating time and steps while drying plates

I believe that counts as no pour, because of the timing of the growth media pour, unless you find someone with a tek for micro-mixes per container before autoclaving without a pour…that states they never pour their substrate or something