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Ag-Tech Listings for Sale

Extractors Model Price
Critical Solutions 20L CO2 Botannical Extractor CS20L $29,000
Critical Solutions 40L CO2 Botannical Extractor CS40L $35,000
MRX 20L CO2 Extractor MRX20L $40,000
Eden Labs 20L CO2 Extractor w/ additional 20L mod EL20L $40,000
Precision Extraction PX1 PX1 $15,000
EDEN Labs 20L Hi-Flow CO2 Extractor HF20L $33,900
Delta Separations CUP 30 CUP30 $49,000

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Chillers, Waterbaths, and Circulators Model Price
Polyscience Heated Circulator AD07 Series With Display AD07H200 $1,350
Neslab Refridgerated Recirculator CFT-75 $650
AEC TrueTemp Control Unit TC130 $1,750
Shenzhen Coolson Chiller CA-01 $780
Lytron Air Cooled Chiller RC0 $2,600
Mokon HTF Heat Transfer Oil System HTF350 $900
Procept Spray Dryer/Chiller 4M8-Trix $3,500
Across International Cold Trap Bath T40 $2,850
TAEevo TECH Water Chiller TAEevoTECH-051 $6,900
Nanjing Hendge Temp Controller HEOT-10 $1,295.95
Mokon HTF Heat Transfer Oil System HTF600 $4,000
TAEevo Tech Water Chiller TAEevoTECH-121 $7,989.95
Neslab Refrigerated Bath/Circulator RTE-111 $420
Thermo Scientific Immersion Cooler EK20 $3,995
CryoMetrix Chiller L80 Max $40,000
Neslab Recirculating Chiller HX150 $1,595.95
Neslab Recirculating Chiller HX300 $5,300

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Compressors Model Price
Atlas Copco 15HP 51.5CFM Screw Compressor G11FF $4,350
Haskel Pneumatic-Driven Gas Booster AG-30 $1,950
Chicago Pneumatic QRS 7.5 HP 1 Phase Rotary Screw Compressor QRS7.5HPD-1 $6,495
Wayne Air Compressor 64612-SH $2,000

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Evaporators Model Price
Falling Film Evaporator BZB Silver Serpent $36,000
Delta Seperations FFE45 Falling Film Evaporator with Equipment Included FFE45 $60,000
Great Wall 20L Rotary Evaporator N/A $300
Thermo Vapor Trap RVT4104 $350

Evaporators Website Link

Harvest Equipment Model Price
OnTarget Electrostatic Sprayer System 1003PT2G8 $36,000
Centurion 3 Headed Bucker Pro HP3 $8,500
Twister Cannabis Trimmer w/ Leaf Collector T2S $6,100

Harvest Equipment Website Link

Accessories Model Price
MaxPro Pump L 25 $2,500
N’ATL BD & IKA Works 300L tank for Decarboxylation N/A $5,495
Light Up Cookies™ Sign N/A $1,000

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All items are located in Northern California. Each manufacturer varies in support for each product, as such we offer free assistance with all products sold. All equipment is owned and sold by Ag-techventures.
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New Additions Model Price Link
AI Vacuum Pump Supervac 11.3CFM 230V $1,250 Buy Now
SII Tank Supertainer 550Gal $2,400 Buy Now
3M Matic Case Sealer A80 $2,300 Buy Now
Convectium Vape Oil Filling Machine 710Shark $14,500 Buy Now
Bosch Doboy Continuous Band Sealer and Trimmer CBS-D $6,000 Buy Now
CryoMetrix Chiller L80 Max $40,000 Buy Now
JDA Packaging Equipment PF200I.5 $480 Buy Now

Lights Model MSRP/Price Link
Fluence RAZR M 2x4 $1,200/$950 Buy Now
Fluence SPYDER SPYDER 2x $682/$540 Buy Now
Fluence SPYDER SPYDER 2i $775/$710 Buy Now

OOOOf those fluence are still mad coin even when used.

That’s new gavita price and those aren’t considered cheap by any means.

LED lambos

Haha, true. I should mention though, The Fluence lights are all new and unused. They were purchased for a massive grow operation that went way over budget and flopped before the lights even arrived.

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