After Months of Reading, First SPD Run!



Of course! Gotta share everything we learn.

Are your mantle and solution temps pretty consistent? How much is left in the flask? How long has it been going?

At your vac. depth I bet you’re still in the body fraction at that head temp. I switched to tails once my head temps really started to drop and the mantle/solution temp were constant


Yea, mantle and head temp have stayed within 10 degrees of each other the last hour. I’m officially 6 hours in now. Now that I think about it, I guess the number “180” got me a bit worried from ethanol distilling, where 180f means tails. You were saying there was a very obvious color change and head temp spike once the tails were approaching, right?


With mine, it was a thc run not sure how it differs but it was a head temp drop, and the color change was drastic but can easily take you by surprise

I took lots of photos with various lighting and compared color and that helped


Yea, head temp is definitely dropping and I’m about 7 microns lower than my last log 20 minutes ago. I’m at 176.7 head temp from 183 45 minutes ago. Might switch to tails now. I can always throw it in with a future run.


Nice one! Never forget your first time! And you even took pictures for a bunch of strangers to look at!


:joy::joy: Haha! I’m finishing up the tails now. I’ll post my yield and test results here once I get them. Thanks again to everyone who helped me along on this. I’ll be sure to pay it forward next time someone else posts a first time thread. Hell, might even officially join GLG after I sell this batch. :grin:


I’ve been wanting to GLG for a while, it’s about 8th on my list of things I should spend my limited $$ on


No bullshit, my final yield was 420 grams.:joy: I’m really impressed with the taste and feel as well. Smooth without cough and great taste compared to most I’ve tried at the shop. I totally know what people are talking about with the wet rubber smell, but I managed to almost completely isolate that to tails.


Yahoo! Nice work homie!


Anyone have a good way to get the smell of cold trap off your skin? I set the dewar trap upside down while I was cleaning up everything else and when I turned it back around I dumped all the shit that thawed onto my chest. Took a shower last night and I still smell like fishy asshole this morning. :expressionless:


Dude cold trap is worst smelling thing in the history of man…

D-limonene is the only thing i could find that would reduce the smell, it laughed at iso, and chuckled at acetone

They use limonene for that gojo degreaser hand soap if you dont have the actual stuff that might work, just be sure to wash it off if you have pure


Thanks! I have some gojo at home I’ll try out when I get home from work. Hoping the baking soda added to the wash was sufficient for my shirt and coat. Gave everything a rough cleaning with acetone last night and was planning on finishing tonight. I see what you’re saying about it not doing shit. I’ll order some D-limonene now. And make sure to never make that rookie mistake again. :joy:


Need that GLG lab coat


Yeah i only use it for the cold trap it takes pretty hot water to get it to not smell like limonene but it does work i figured fight burnt terps with terps, and if its on you limonene is better than fish ass anyday haha

Im pretty sure that cold trap smell gets stuck in the nose and can smell it for days

all my clothes i wore smell horrible, not sure id want a nice GLG lab coat all fish assy I’d use it for other lab practices, does it come in black?because i got a regular white one and its got some perma oil stains


My room stank for a few days from it.


How much material did you start with in your flask? What was your yield in heads/body/tails?


It was just over 750ml of crude after winterizing going into the BF. I walked away after measuring the main fraction and my partner already jarred the tails and threw out the heads by the time I got back, so I didn’t get a yield on that. But if I had to estimate by volume, probably 50ml of heads and 100ml of tails. I did jar the BF leftovers though, so I’ll check the weight on that. It filled up about 3/4 of a half-pint jar.


Looks great!!! Good work :metal: