After Months of Reading, First SPD Run!



Holy hell. Well I guess that answers my question of how long it would take to do 100 pounds since I have pretty much the same setup you do. Coming along nicely?


Not sure if this is the end of the heads or start of the hearts? Head temp is 139.5.


Ar what vac depth


57 microns. Now at 147 head temp. 195.5 BF.


Let it flow for a nin then swap flasks


Nice Well i don t want to ruin your extract
So do a volume comparison
Have You already gotten 10% ofthe asume cannabinoidcontent ?


I’m not sure what you mean by that? Looks like I’ve collected about 50ml of heads so far. But this was run through a WFE once, so I didn’t expect a lot of heads left.


I waited for that to become a solid string no drip, then swapped, seemd to work for my two runs


O Ok Well guess You can swap safely rise Condenser temp to max and catch them all :grinning:


Solid stream coming out of the condenser or from the adapter into the flask?


Adaptor to flask, mine was hitting in the cow then would string again to flask, so when both were solid stream, i switched
It only took a few minutes frome when it got thicker, your probably there now


Awesome, switched! I don’t think I’ve ever seen CBD distillate this light.




Nice setup by the way!

Cbd you say? :open_mouth:


Color collecting in main fraction. Man, I’m way too stoked about how this all turned out. Thank you everyone so much for the help!! 171 head temp, 206 solution temp.


Yea, CBD. I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to get the color I see some people getting on their THC runs just because I haven’t seen anything close on here or around anywhere. Slightly worried I might have switched a tad too early, but it’s a learning experience at the very least.


Cool! I didnt know it was a cbd run whats the ratio do you know?
Color looks great!


I don’t remember what the THC percentage was on the crude but CBD was 59%. I know @munkdooligan got 75% CBD and 2% THC using the same crude I’m running after he ran it through his SPD.


Looks similar to my run with that crude! Great job man!!! Are you going to get some lab tests done? I’d expect you to get better potency than me on first pass, I definitely made some mistakes my first time around. I should’ve collected heads longer like you did, I think my first run had some heads in the body. I have some pentane coming to crystallize that batch with though, which shouldn’t be an issue.

I split my crude into two batches, and on the second batch I maybe collected 30-40 mL of heads vs. some junk in the cold trap the first time I did it.

Excited for you, your hard work and research have most definitely paid off!


Thanks man! You’ll have to post how the crystallization goes! Ohhh yea, this and a few other samples are going to the lab on Friday. I’m stoked to see the test results on this. I think the de-waxing helped a ton as well.

Looks like it’s coming out of the condenser at the same pace as usual but the stuff going into the receiving flask is dripping instead of a stream. Head temp is 183. Could I possibly be approaching tails already?