Advise Needed-Purchased 2 liters of crude

with 60% THC content. Does anyone know how much distillate that can make?

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Are you planning on doing the distillation? Using which equipment?

My first liter of crude made zero litres of distillate…or at least zero litres of marketable distillate.

So did the next couple of litres. Although I wasn’t in the room for either of those gratutitous cannabinoid isomerizations.

Assuming someone skilled in the art, about 80% of those cannabinoids should make it though. Assuming 90% final potency, you can calculate a yield yourself.

You may run into a problem having someone else distill it for you. Most folks with the skills you need will have graduated to equipment that needs more than a couple of liters to run effectively…


I average 50% return or better with just average crude which would be close to the thc% so that a good number to start with, go a lil further on your first pass then clean it up on 2nd and you should be able to yield 50-55% depending on experience and if your carbon scrubbing etc.

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different math, yet essentially the same answer (~1.1 liters)