Advice needed

Hi, I am about to start filling carts soon, and I was wondering if anybody has tried using “tko’s” from DHgate. If so is the hardware decent? Thanks

how many carts are you filling

(i havent tried the tkos can you link?)

You will regret cheaping out bro. You cheap out by thinking out your process and being patient. If you rush you will get burned


Do you recommend and cartridges?

So you think the tkos are a bad idea? Where do you get carts from?

I buy them from me :rofl::joy:

What hardware you get depends on your oil formula

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I have only filled a few TKO’s, just testing some samples that I got. They do break, and I worry about any heavy metal contamination (Not confirmed just a worry)

In my batch of 10 I had hardware problems and I would also re-test half smoked carts for heavy metals if I wanted to use these for large batch production.

I use CCELLS with the large hole (1.2mm I think). & press tops.

I spent months and 1k’s in wasted oil, time and cartridge before i would put anything to market.


There’s tons of searchable info about carts here . Search on: CCELL AVD IKRUSHER and you’ll find a ton of info.

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Me too! There was only so much info online back then, I read all of it before i even started trying. It took screwing up a bunch but that feeling of finally getting it right was worth it.

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