Advice: Dumping collection plate more frequently, or just let her fill

Hey guys. Had a question regarding my extraction method. The first closed loop system i ever had experience with, we had a horizontal collection chamber that would fill with butane, we would then recover in that tank as it was jacketed. The chamber had a valve and nozzle at the bottom of it, so when most the butane was recovered, we would open the valve and it would suck itself out of the collection chamber into a separate collection pot. We would do that all day, eventually recover whatever made its way into that external collection pot, then finally open it up and pour…

The machine i use now is just a “standard” closed loop machine, with butane running through my material column and into the collection plate/tank at the bottom. So heres my question. Does it damage the oil to repeatedly flood it with butane, then collect, and over and over? meaning say i do 5 runs today, i fill up the collection tank, and recover. next tube, fill up, recover, etc. So over time the same material is being flooded and recovered. I know no one dumps pots every run so im assuming this is fine, just trying to learn what processes are happening. To further my question-- I can do 8 runs a day with our setup. All the same material. Say i do 8 runs today, and then plan for another 8 tomorow. Would you recommend dumping the pot and starting fresh tomorow? Or is it fine to just recover, shut the whole machine down, and just start up tomorow again? Accordingly, sometimes im just lazy as fuck to dump the pot after a long day… is there a significant downside to leaving the oil in the pot overnight with a little butane in there? My former partner always said it didnt matter, on days when we either didnt have time to pour the slabs, or were going to run more the next day… sorry for being long winded, and thanks :slight_smile:

Summarized questions because I talk way too much
– Is there a downside to leaving oil in the collection tank over night
–Is there damage to the oil by repeatedly flooding and recovering into the same tank over and over during a days run
–Should i dump tonight, and start fresh tomorow even tho its same material, or just leave it in there and continue tomorow

Im hoping this can lead to a general discussion about how to treat the oil throughout the process and learn some new things

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you just end up with less volume in your collection pot and the butane touches slightly less hot surface area for recovery.
extra time in the collection pot may lead to (un)desirable crystallization.
the only way you can ‘damage’ the oil is to boil it dry and overheat it.

This has been a much-debated topic in our facility, because we run 800+lbs a day, with two eight-tube racks of 6"x48" tubes. The general consensus is that the evaporation rate isn’t affected too badly by the increased concentration of the extract for the first couple runs out of our honeypots, so it can be worth it to pile on a few runs before collecting. After about 3-4, it starts to get pretty rough because the vessel starts getting more full, so there is less head space available when transferring runs later on. Once you pile on too many runs, though, you will start noticing evaporation rate is affected because the solution gets much more concentrated.

Damage to the oil, especially for crude, is not really a concern, but for live resin runs we still collect every run, mostly as a quality control measure and a precaution more than anything else.


Just recover as you start to dump into your collection pot. I also do multiple runs before i pour off. I just run my recovery as soon as i start to dump into my collection pot.

I do multiple runs and let it build up. Pour after im done. I have also done individual run then pour. I have yet to see a difference in quality. But i would definitely pour and clean every nite.

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I’ve always changed my recovery every run. :man_facepalming:t2: One I ran two runs into one once and it looked like there was strings of thick oil in this thinner stuff as I spread it out an I thought that was bad

I do :slight_smile: but eventually there will be more and more desired oil in there after each run so I just wondered if there was a big reason to dump the pot after a days run instead of keeping it going and re saturating the oil in the pot repeatedly. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

would love to see that setup !