Advice and parts needed pn building diamond miner

Has anyone built there own miners any advice or what exactly is needed im sure there are a few people here who could also benefit from this info thanks again community!

i have…I stole the design from BVV and sent it to china and built one.

The lid is gonna be the hardest to find cause most likely you will need to have it welded. Might have a few extra here


Id recommend a pressure/vacuum gauge, a pressure relief valve, a sight glass, and a valve for injecting nitrogen/venting solvent pressure.

Is your lid welded or is it just held with high pressure clamps?

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It is just held with a high pressure clamp but your gonna have to have the 1/4” ferrules welded on a lid unless you can find it the way you want. I bought 3 lids when I got mine made with anticipation of needing more than one miner. I actually have all the parts here for a second one minus the short sight glass.

I haven’t got around to building the other 2 after I got my tech down.

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Ablaze has a mini extractor that’s affordable! Could use high pressure clamps instead tho.

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