Advanced distillation system

Does anyone own or have experienced with a advanced distillation system(wfe)
How well does it perform?

If you search you will find tons of topics on WFE. Pros cons throughput etc

I’m looking for information about advanced distillation system brand.

I have done a lot of WFE installation and training in this year around US.
Are you looking for brand suggestion?
That is really depend on your budget and production goal.
You can search for Root Sciences, POPE, and Chemtech Services (CTS), this are the major US brand that are popular in the market. Their price are at high end, and a 6 inch glass could cost you 80K - 120K based on the option you choose.
Lab First Society also start its wipe film production line, I think they are working with a wipe film supplier. You can go to their website to check.
If you have limited budget, then I would suggested you get WFE oversea. There are many brand, but only one manufacturer, I think it is called YHCHEM. Their price is half compared to US brand. Quality wise is fine. But!!! You really need to hire a tech guy that now WFE system very well before you buy one. You really need to know what you are doing before start the machine, otherwise no clear oil in the first month.
6 inch glass cost 80K: Process about 2 L of oil/hour.
6 inch stainless steel 150K-200K: Process about 4 L of oil/hour.

Oh, most importantly, the current lead time for WFE US brand are way too long. At least 10 week. some stainless model go to 20 week.
DM me if you want to get one in hand. Or if you get one in hand in the future, I can provide training.


I have 2 of them being delivered on Tuesday. I’ll be able to update you in about a week. I did visit the factory and they spent a lot of time with me on customization to my particular needs. Much more so than the “big 3” vendors I also contacted before pulling the trigger.

I’m writing the GLG SOP on wiper, I can definetly help you with anything you need. Dm me, even if you just need advice on which wiper is best for your budget


are you referring to Advanced Cannabis Distillation out of San Diego?

I’m just trying to cut down on lead time. But definitely don’t want to purchase in China. One because if there’s something that breaks it could take me days to get it. Two because I’ve seen them not work properly like yhchem wipers.

ychem wipers function properly. they take a more educated/experienced operator is all.


What would you do if the wiper is not spreading the material around in all the spots of the still other than replacing the wipers and hoping that works?

I have always wondered about those guys. If they are good why do they not have any pictures of their equipment. Is it because they’re just reselling someone else’s?

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Could be buying the lanphan body and puts different hardware on.

Did you order the YhChem units and if so which models? Do you have any advice for us as we are looking to purchase a unit.

Thanks in advance!

No, I got a couple of pope clones … not ready to recommend them at the moment.

Heard and thanks for the response! Best of luck with them!

All Chinese wiper looks very similar, they all have similar problem. You will need a good tech to run them or have them send you someone for installation and training. The only advantage they have right now is lead time.

I appreciate the input!

for 150-200k the modified short paths can process 80-90kg crude per day with 20-30% increase. 50% crude to 75/80% distillate.