Adsorbent with highest affinity for turpenes


Lol… I can almost guarantee that there’s someone around these forums who has enough knowledge to make it work though… :smiley:

Terps before extraction

It would probably be one of the real professionals on this site like @Future @Shadownaught @Photon_noir @cyclopath @qma who have experience using graphene.


I have no experience with graphene :joy: but thank you for the shout out!


Lol maybe I’m thinking of @QGA or maybe @Roguelab has


Well Yes iT is beeing studies right now by 3 studentes of the TU delft that. Are trying to get there thesis completed on this subject revursed osmosis graphene membranes with partikel sizes jumping 25 daltons at a time
Al lot already got scraped for the technologie is not ready yet and those that know Wich compounds to filter other than terps and cannabinoids don t want to share their findings :cry:
But Some companys i Spoke to are showing interest such as lenntech a revursed osmosis specialist even thou waste water treatment still tops the list with pryority but
These studentes are stoners and the Hope of revolutionizing IN THIS Subject makes them eager. :grinning: So who knows


Sometimes I think you people on here are smoking more than just weed


@ScoobyDoobie @Roguelab , et. al…

Graphene membranes are barely an option for anything right now, let alone a relatively low-value product like cannabis resin. By “relatively” I mean there are drugs made and sold for dollars or hundreds of dollars on the microgram and even per nanogram! I know because I’ve made some in the past. Basically, if production of the material on an analytical scale HPLC is not cost effective, then graphene is nowhere in the cards right now.

That said, there are membranes available that are much more cost effective, which can work if you intend produce at least at kilo-lab or pilot plant scales.


Agree to sertain extent
Yet TU delft ismaking major developments on the graphene tech


Any chance you can point me in the right direction? Membrane is one of the (few) things I haven’t bit into.


That would breach confidence with my friend, an engineer who is designing a system he hopes to run, bring to market, and probably patent, so I cannot give you exact pointers.

I can tell you that the processes of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration (see @Roguelab’s post, above) are the search terms you need to find what you want… and that when you do, you will also find you need several thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for the filters (which typically have only 6 months to a year of continuous-duty service life, and that is with fairly simple solutions having only a few components and zero particulates). You also need pumps and parts to maintain constant temperatures and create hydraulic pressures up to 1000psi. To put it into perspective, the standards on supercritical CO2 expansion vessels for mostly gas-phase matter are 600 to 900 psi… and hydraulic (liquid) pressures are far more dangerous than gas pressures, so the parts must be rated for 10,000 psi and up. Therefore, if you are not an engineer processing literally tons of cannabis per week or month, and even if you want to, you should probably wait for complete systems to be built for this application.


Challenge accepted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This would just be for a membrane for filtering turps from ethanol? Or are we getting real fancy with multiple separations?


I thought you said you were up to the challenge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You want to go deep start seArching the sizes of your C ompound
So have the list of terps You Wich to catch and go from there


That was my thought… gotta figure out which ones get stuck in the ethanol first! Maybe i’ll run a sample of alcohol by a lab… though if anyone round these parts wants to save me $200 I’d be super grateful :smiley:


Yust pick lab reports from the net
There are Many
Make a list of the ones You want and search there size in daltons
Then You can figure out Wich ones can make iT treu smaller or larger than cannabinoids


By the way revursed osmosis in the search Bar Gives quite Some info


This is great! I was worried I’d have to start talking to my wife in the evenings again instead of researching. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure she’ll be super thrilled I’m taking on another project :smile: