Adding thc in cbd flowers

Hello everyone . I am from the Netherlands. there are many people who edit cbd with spice. I believe that is not the intention. I am figuring out how to best add thc distelation to my cbd flowers. are there people who do this and who want to convey that knowledge? . I want to pay for that knowledge when necessary. dm me please.


Bad look.


Cbd and thc are absorbed by the same pathway. So if you are trying to get high, the cbd just gets in the way. The reason to mix the two in flower is medical use, and in that case you would just get flower from a cultivar bred for its thc:cbd ratio of cannabinoid content.


Oké butt there are more people there doing this dont understeand how

There is a long thread about it on here.

Honestly my friend, if you don’t understand how it’s done or how it could be done, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. What you are dealing with is medicine, and if you’re going to be dealing out experimental medicine, maybe you’re in the wrong field.
I understand there is a black market demand for sprayed flower, but there is no legitimate reason to be spraying hemp with THC. If you are in the Netherlands, simple THC flower should not be that hard to find.
If you are just curious for your own personal use, slap some THC distillate on your joint papers or your bowl piece and then toss your CBD flower on top


This should help