Adding flavor to hash

I made some hash out of some distillate and poor quality Kief. The constistency and effect is quite good but the flavor is not quite how it should be. I was thinking on adding terpenes or natural aromas. I’m just not quite sure of how and how much of what I should add. Does anyone have some experience? Any tipps of making the hash tasty again?


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Experiment. And use a High shear homogenizer to blend them in.

Start at 3% and you can always increase up to 10%

natural aroma or terpenes?

Always terps my dude. If you’re ballsy you can try using strain specific blend of natural terps, but hemp/Canna derived terps are going to be the optimal

allright will try it out. I guess I wasn’t adding enough

I don’t have one. is there anothe way?

stick you thumb in and yell “buzz buzz, bitch!” Three times in a row and you should be gucci



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Hot plate, but you’ll lose some of your terps

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Freeze your already pressed hash
And powderize while frozen (bullit mixer)
Then freeze powder again
Take the distillate and terps and mix them well
take small amounts of powders kief and start mixing in the terps and distillate mix 200 gr
Freezing the whole thing every once in a shill when things get sticky
Once content with mixed product
Place in mold and gently press
If a hasj plate is your goal let warm up
And press harder till desired consistency