Add sweetening agent to sublingual oil

Hi there! This is my first post and I look much forward contributing to the growth of the community.
I have recently tried to incorporate sweetening agents to sublingual oil I make (carrier oil + distillate) but I do not reach any conclusive results.
So far my results are the following
1/ Sugar = crystallised and makes the oil cloudy
2/ Rice syrup = Does not homogenise properly
3/ Stevia crystals = same as sugar.

Has anyone reached conclusive results?


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Why not try light corn syrup? It works for the soda companies.

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Hi Killa12345, I think my main issue is to sweeten fatty oils. No issue whatsoever with waterbased carrier.


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We use lemon oil


Hi hempicated thanks for the hint. I guess you are not referring to limonene or essential oil. What exactly is lemon oil? is it some kind of blend between essential oil and syrup?

Lemon essential oil is one of few that can be ingested however only in extremely small amounts. I do not know the exact formulation however it is only a few drops per 1ml bottle to give it a nice flavor but not enough to hard the human body.

I am sure you can find out more information online, I know it should be diluted with other carrier oils and used in very small amounts. Wish i had more answers but thats about all i got!

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What type of sugar did you use? I hear cyclodextrin is good for stuff like this.

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Use food flavor additives. Loraine iirc the name. Found at wallyworld or the like in the baking or theblikenisles

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Was looking into methods for sweetening lip balms and stumbled across this…
Oil sweetening option
Tried honey at first as well but as you may have encountered… Honey seperates.

The micronizing method allows for suspention in oils but does not create a true “solution”. There may be an issue with fluid state oils and seperation but im yet to try it outside of solid state oils.

Another thought would be glycerin, but im also yet to try that in fluid state oils and can imagine there would be pre processing necessary in order to ensure a homogenized mixture…


Can I ask why you need to sweeten it?

I found that by getting a good clean crude keeping the rest pure as possible I end up with a pleasing nutty taste that people like. Rough crudes without the filtering process can get bitter at higher strengths. Distillate is super clean, even floral.

For emulsions though, you need to cover the surfectant/preservative tastes. I think I saw Monkfruit used a few times.

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