Actual tek for ethanol sugar/wax/sauce???

I’ve read the strong sauce tek.
I’ve read the ethanol crystalization threads.
We still don’t have a methadology written up for single solvent ethanol “sauce/sugar” that I can find.

I’ve seen a few people post some IG posts of people doing it, so we know it can be done…

Is it vacuum?
Is it pressure?
Is it cryo?
Is it neglect?
Can anyone run down a step by step? I’m still a bit lost.

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@THChemist has it nailed down, not sure that means he’s willing to share though.


Not even for a lowly Canadian? I’ll give him all my ethanol making secrets…


Now this week i plan on dooing a etho / butane. LLE and see what happens
I want to check what is not miscible with DME for. Its water solubility


I am very intrested in sugar hash as well

I’m gonna try a super saturated mix + 5 day deep vacuum pull at medium low temp. See what happens

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I’m not really able to post an SOP.
But, I will say its much more simple than making boulders from BHO.
It’s almost too easy.


Can I ask if it would pass a residuals test?

Now you really got me curious lol.

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I’m guessing the high vapor pressure of the etoh it dissapates readily on it’s own. Probably not at atmosphere since turpene preservation is desired. And not at warm temps or it’ll just make shatter.

Just gotta figure out vacuum/pressure and heat methinks


I wonder what would happen if you extracted bho and poured it into a jar but had a sliver of 200 proof or 190 proof ethanol at the bottom of the jar. Would waiting two weeks @room temp in a sealed jar make the sugars crash into the ethanol and make it so you’d be able to pour off a terpene fraction and leave you with just sugars ?

If u did that why wouldn’t u just use the tane?

Purity of extract has to matter for this I’m sure…

I’m a bho man but I’ve played with etoh…with bho and sugaring the purity of the extract plays a major role…

I wonder if it matters like this the same w etoh?cold AF wash…
Let evap to oil like w residual and allow to set for month…I remember reading a while back it took a guy a month, had diamonds I think…he slowly evap a super saturated solution I think

Diamonds is same thing but more growth, sugar the seed…

I would use less etoh for the seal period for sugar…way way less but just enough to keep it mobile w a lil heat…just bc it’s basically same thing just the seeds


Seems logical. Any progress on this front? :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in making etoh sauce diamonds.