Active recovery help needed


Hey guys,
I’m new here and am hoping for some help. I have experience with closed colum systems and passive recovery. I recently received a complete 5lb closed loop system setup for active recovery. I have an understanding of what everything does but just not sure in what order to plumb it all together. System consists of 5lb material colum,separate jacketed open top colum for dewaxing,a collection vessel,a recovery tank,coil condenser,molecular sieve dryer all mounted to a rack,and a cmep ol pump. I have some questions if anyone could help out?


What are your questions?


:popcorn:I’m ready.


Whatcha got?



All your doing is adding a pump between your tank and your system. Same principle pump pulls vapor and condenses it and puts it into the tank. Do everything the same way just have your vapor port From your system into the in line of your pump and rhe liquid line (the out line) if your pump into tour tank as normal.


Open top? There should be no “open” in a closed loop.

Can you post pictures?

If it’s a 3rd party certified rig, it should also come with an operating procedure (manual). Locate that and read it. Post it here if you need help translating it.

Edit: or do you mean sleeved rather than jacketed? Wherein the column is closed, but the jacket is open (and called a sleeve)


Hey sorry for delayed response,but yes you are correct about the dewax colun,it is sleeved not jacketed my bad. Unfortunately the system is a sort of Frankenstein setup,pieces from hfs, and xtractor depot so it didnt come with a manual but I do have the manual to a very similar system,the icarus from best value. Plumbing the lines is what’s confusing me I guess


Is a recovery manifold nessecary or can I get going without it? And from the collection pot gas travels thru the molecular sieve and then it goes to the condenser or to the pump?


Mantifolds are nice, no hoses to disconnect.
you should go collection->mol seive->pump-> condenser–>recovery tank.


What about seive after pump only asking for a friend


the seive best filters gas, you usually find liquid after the pump.


i run my mole sleeve after my pump. seems to recover faster for me. i also have a wax trap before my pump


I’m talking After pump gas still in vapor before liquid state


ususally the act of pumping causes the butane to turn into a liquid, just like a ac system. The high pressures allow the gas to condence.


Makes sense!


:+1: thanks for clarifying. I got a manifold this morning as they seem convenient.