Active questions / may need to switch for the winter

I’m considering switching to active.

Only three questions here.

So I need dry ice for collection or recovery?

Do I need to get a solvent scale because am I I myaable to recover the amount I use for the run through the pump onto the tank? Like will it be safe to use a recovery pump for a run and still have solvent in the tank or does everything need to be equaled out?

And when it comes to the inlet and outlet fittings, would it be smart to mod them to ½"? And when you run a recovery pump you always and I mean always run a sieve right?

Active ain’t it. Get some Nitro and u will be movin and groovin

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It’s to cut out dry ice for the winter. I don’t have money for a chiller.

I read you can somewhat cut the amount of cooling you would need but I never read into if that’s only with n-butane and only matching the amount of solvent you’re extracting with.

for example: if I use 10lbs of solvent out of a 30lb tank and there’s 20lbs left in my tank is it safe to recover into the tank that has solvent in it if I use a recovery pump? or do I need to get a good solvent scale run exactly 10lbs of solvent from a tank meant for 10lbs of solvent to be held and recover back into the empty tank?

I know I hit a fucking incredibly fast speed for recovery for the passive system I have going but it’s not about speed.

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You gotta take it slow while applying pressure like putting a fat bitch on the blade. Are u picking up what I’m putting down? It’s a cold world you gotta bring the heat. Send the vapors to the liquid line and all your condensing will be fine like a dime :ok_hand:


Holy shit, I didn’t know lil Kelpy extracts too. Man of many talents…


Whats good player, the game is to be sold not to be told :100:


I run 70/30 active with a bvv 2 cylinder cmep rebuild thing. I run with a 50lb solvent tank, in an insulated trash bucket, with DI. I have a 300lb boom proof scale. I use my PIAB to vac the solvent tank down to about 2-5psi…and I use nitrogen to push around 40psi. I am able to do 1.5+lbs a minute at about 105f in collection.


Also lil kelpy probably extract as much as he’s pimpin. His mom dropped him off at the lab.


If I had record label money I’d be buying rack mount systems too but still let’s stay on track.

So no matter what d. I. Is the gold standard.

And you also solved my other two questions.

Thank you :octopus::v:t2:

Active without a di tank I could get about .7lb/min.

My license is suspended. Gotta get those Ben Franklin’s somehow. At least my moms supports my hustle

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Beat me to it lmao

Yo groovy, you don’t HAVE to be DI cold for recovery.

Ice cubes, salt and water can get you there but it does work a bit slower than di.

Painfully slow.

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