Across International Ovens For Sale

I currently have 7, 1.9 AI Ovens for sale. 4 of them are 4 sided heating, and 3 of them are 2 sided heating. Great deals on all of them.


Location? Prices? Year manufactured? UL listed? Voltage?


How much for the 3 4sided ovens? Location?

Price please. Need 3-4


Bay Area,

3 ovens are gen 3 5 sided heating,
another one is a bogart 1.9 4 sided,
and the other 3 are gen 1 models.
I have 10 trays for all three gen 3 ovens and 5 trays for all the others.

Gen 3 AI - $1300 each -3 available
BHOghart 4 sided - $1300 -1 available
Gen 1 AI - $900 each -3 available

voltage 120

Also available are vacuum pumps

3 CMEP’s as well.

Sent u a dm I want the cmeps and a 5 sided oven. In your area

Sent a dm

Interested in the Bhogart oven or the Gen 3
I need 2 of them

Also how much is the CMEP interested in
2 of them

Tony 818-371-3400

Do you still have these?

Hey, sorry for the slow response I’ve been traveling. I still hve them all if you are interested.

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What’s the price on the ovens?

Hello, do you need to buy a vacuum oven? I am a drying box manufacturer, please tell me your contact information, I will send you the latest drying box equipment information and

Still have ovens

3k for all the 1.9s 3rd gen?

@OilyBoy do you still have the ovens available? If so which ones…

I need a used 1.9 or larger vac oven too.

Need 3. 1.9 ovens. Tony
What’s price please
818-371-3400. Text me

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Why not send him a Dm. Last thing this forum needs is a bunch of ads.