Across International, Best Value Vacs or Lab1st


There is a large number of manufacturers for extraction/distillation equipment.

Across International, Best Value Vacs and Lab1st all have fairly similar pricing. As i have never ordered from any of these companies I was hoping for your feedback or a clear cut winner.

Thank you in advance.

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Im partial to
3 reasons
I own their re-501 rotovap
Own their 2L spd
And they are only a 45 min drive from me.


i can recommend USAlabs too, i have alot of gear from them, and ive never had an issues. They stand by their equipment and warranties

but in reality ive bought gear from all of those listed suppliers plus and they are all solid.

dont forget XD too, i like them aswell.


Let me know what you need. I can beat all thier prices. We specialize in volume pricing.

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Shoot me an email…


I would consider all of these vendors second tier…I hate to be that guy but you’ll get what you pay for :man_shrugging: If you’re interested in stepping into the professional arena I’d strongly recommend companies like Lab Society, Summit Research, Goldleaf Scientific or Rocco. I’d recommend Extractor Depot even before all of the companies you’ve listed in OP.


This is what i’ve been looking for… thank you… I think our plan is to start with second tier equipment to work our kinks and SOPs and then upgrade to larger/better equipment once the ball is rolling.

Appreciate your feedback

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