Achromatizing clay?

Does it work when used in boiling flask? Any input?


a) it’s from summit right? (they don’t have a particularly good rep around here).
b) without stating what you expect it to do, how can anyone have helpful input?

maybe @Shadownaught can shed some light?

Im curious if it indead does what they claim.

I’m suggesting that restating the claims you’d like to verify will likely get you further than simply asking if it works.

not having used the product, I can posit from the name that it is a “bleaching earth” of some variety. generally I hear folks using those in their boiling flasks are aiming for water-clear, or trying to deliberately isomerize to delta-8.

a quick search here reveals couple of threads you might want to explore. although there isn’t a whole lot of solid data on summit’s clay.

after scanning them, I’m guessing you want to decolorize in your boiling flask without isomerizing.

Yes tgat would be tge goal. I am trying to get a quality sop. Then try to seek employement once i feel i have a understanding

seems like a reasonable strategy. assuming you have the ability (gear & biomass/crude) to experiment with. if you don’t have the gear, it might make more sense to find employment & then develop that SOP.

if you’ve read the various “pay scale” threads, I imagine you see the issue with that strategy…if you come in green, and “willing to learn”, it is easy to get taken advantage of.

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That clay is an activated bleaching clay with neutral pH and no carbon. Its a decent scrub absorbent.

Edit: While putting absorbent in the flask works well for some people Ive NEVER specifically suggested it as an SOP because as you scale up to WFE you can’t do that anymore.


But you need carbon for better isomerization?
T-1 and t-5 mix versus buying t-41?