Acetone residuals?!?

I just got some live resin from out medical dispo here in Hawaii. They extract using butane/propane but I see in the COA traces of other solvents which would have no place in a BHO extraction. Can anyone explain the acetone , isopropanol and ethanol residuals? Equipment cleaning perhaps?

Compound Status Sample (PPM) Limit (PPM) LOQ (PPM)
Acetone Pass 21.565 5000.000 17.761
Butanes Pass 2531.889 5000.000 5.004
Ethanol Pass 14.454 5000.000 12.909
Isopropanol Pass 286.310 5000.000 5.279
Xylenes Pass 0.000 2170.000
1,1 Dichloroethene Pass ND 8.000 2.072
1,1,1-Trichloro-Ethane Pass ND 1500.000 1.124
Acetonitrile Pass ND 410.000 27.431
Benzene Pass ND 1.000 0.941
Carbon-Tetrachloride Pass ND 4.000 1.024
Chloroform Pass ND 1.000 2.584
cis-1,2-Dichloroethane Pass ND 1.000 0.637
Dichloromethane Pass ND 1.000 1.575
Ethyl-Acetate Pass ND 5000.000 8.647
Ethyl-Ether Pass ND 5000.000 6.527
Ethylene Oxide Pass ND 1.000 0.950
Heptane Pass ND 5000.000 6.381
Methanol Pass ND 3000.000 26.113
n-Hexane Pass ND 290.000 5.766
n-Pentane Pass ND 5000.000 17.092
Propane Pass ND 5000.000 8.755
Toluene Pass ND 890.000 6.594
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2500ppm of butane is egregious, JV effort there.

Isopropyl is often used in cleaning and was probably cross contaminated from that. Sometimes terpenes/volatile organic compounds can degrade to acetone or methanol with heat.


They were using cleaning agents from hardware store. The only chemicals to see cannabis labs should be lab grade or specific technical grade like for scientific uses etc.

Even running alcohol from a drug store since not meant to be injected can have a variable amount of random solvents present.

Ethanol (even food grade) will always have traces of isopropyl, methanol and acetone in it from what ive seen

This is a test from some eatables on the CA rec market here that use food grade ethanol to homogenize the cannabinoids in

Those test results are super high ppm IMO

It does look like they were using isopropyl alcohol mainly for cleaning and not ethanol, id assume isopropyl would probably have the same residuals as ethanol


Watch it just be lazy practices from the analytics lab. Hope not but could be as well.

Those ppms doe


The methanol action level is 3k ppm for smokeable products? Wtf Hawaii


Same in OR

No limit on ethanol.

The CO2 guys bitched about the ethanol limit so hard when the rules first came out that ALL alcohols were taken off the list for a bit…


I’ve seen this before. Could be solvents coming off a sharpie, or copied metrc tags being put in a warm oven with extract. Or as others have suggested, a sloppy analytical lab and it’s not actually there, not a lot to worry about, IMO.

But wow, the action limit on butane is 5000 ppm???

Are we sure that space lasers caused the fires in Hawaii? Cuz it really coulda been some gassy BHO.


At least they’re actually looking for it. With LOD/LOQ at 200/600ppm I could feel good about non-detect.

with LOQ at 1000ppm I’m getting very little guidance on the subject from our third party lab…


Wait, you mean CO2 extract isn’t solventless???


Ask the testing lab for the method blank results. Their LOQ for each analyte should be set above the concentration of those solvents seen in the method blank.

If the method blank is showing similar concentrations as your sample, then I would attribute it to contamination from the testing laboratory

Acetone has been proven to be made inside the HS vial from terp reactions / rearrangements

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Anyone remember when Oregon defined CO2 as “a hydrocarbon based solvent” in their original regulatory version?


I guess the “carbon” part is right… :rofl: :sweat_smile:

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What they meant was “it’s scary and we don’t understand”

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