Acetone crystallization of THC-A

This is pretty cool. I usually use acetone to winterize. Is there a way to modify this method so we output THC-O?

As far as the community knows, or has discussed anyhow, THC-O acetate requires a reflux of distillate and acetic anhydride inside a boiling flask.


Do you think carbon scrubbing after winterization with acetone would yield good results prior to crystallization? @Shadownaught

Found I could pull a nice range of purple today from acetone.


hi there Aurio … i want to Crystallize THC O Acetate into pure white crystals … how do i do that when i have already made synthesized THC O acetate? can you share the Materials and methods?

If You are sure thc O acetate solidifys at room temp
I guess pentane 3% by volume cold crash freezer and patience
If not dissolve in butane cold crash in freezer cap and wait

Method worked well


Method of mining hell Yes but are You saying iT is thc-O- acetate diamonds ??

If you’re using a vac oven, what temps and how long do you run it for


I tried method 2 and dissolved bho into acetone and removed enough solvent to make it syrupy and within 3 days I had crystals forming. They are a week in and ive got 10 that are the size of peas, and still growing in a small 150 ml beaker, i am planning on recrystallizing until I can’t anymore to see how big of a diamond I can grow. Thanks for posting!


Wanted to share some 1 week old THCA grown using the cold wash method. They’re fairly small and need to be rinsed but successful nonetheless.

Edit: cold wash on fresh frozen



Lightly washed crystals using the same method.


Sorry to be picky but:

Epsom salts are the hydrated form of magnesium sulphate. This is not effective at removing water from organic solvents. You need anhydrous MgSO4. Using MgSO4 to absorb water is nearly instantaneous, so you can filter pretty much right away. You know you’ve added enough when the white solids flow freely when you shake the flask like a snow globe.

Other than that this is bang on how to dry wet acetone.

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Don’t no the post your replying too but you dehydrate by heating in oven at 400c for a half hour. It’s really easy


Does anyone have insight on crashing THCa out of low temp ethanol extracted, winterized hemp crude? If I understand correctly, THCa will crystalize before CBDa… but is there a saturation rate necessary for the THCa to crystalize? That’s what i would assume. It would need to be greater than 40-60% THCa, right? 8% wouldn’t likely crash out? Maybe with the right solvent/temp/pressure/timing???

I’m curious for obvious reasons.

Nope won t work need a saturation of at least 60% for cristalization to ocure

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Yeah does not sound like it would crash out at that low concentration. You sure it’s THC-a?

That is only partially correct. In a binary solvent system I have observed low potency crude crystallizing. My understanding is that there are 2 solutions in one mother liquor. the most non polar solvent will have higher potency causing crystallization while the more polar solvents strips away the impurities. Terpenes and butane are a good example. I could be wrong, Im more of an extract artist than scientist lol

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