Acetone crystallization of THC-A


hello me my question is is it possible to cause crystallization from rosin and if so how? and any solvent and counter solvent must be used?
as far as I’m concerned I have neither labglass nor specific extractor ^^’


Any reason to avoid just scoring the jar before pouring the solution into it?


You could use rosin just like you would shatter, you may have mixed results as the rosin will be partially decarboxylated due to the heat used in the pressing. Id love to see results if you gave it a try though!


I could give it a try. I always figured nucleation was best when the solution was more saturated but it may work to an advantage with more time to allow crystal growth from the beginning.


The way I see it a nucleation site is a nucleation site and if you do it prior there is less agitation. The reason I asked was to see if there was a particular reason to do it after supersaturation. I’m very interested in this acetone method :slight_smile:


“Pour the butane rich oil from the closed loop into a mason jar”

in this method does the jar contain acetone?


No. No Acetone until step 6 takes you to method 2 above.


Ok and the 14 days its at room temperature ??cooler or warmer?

this would be enough for small scale tests


I also have this alcohol that I wonder if it could serve ^^ ’


which method?

were you planing on making BHO first? or Extracting the pictured material with cold acetone? If you were planning on extracting with cold acetone, why are you asking about “14 days”?!?

“Put on lid and wait 14 days” is from the “alternative method”, and you should go look at Only The Strong sauce tek if your plan is to go that route.

Assuming that’s 20g of high-test in the picture, you’re going to get about 4g of extract. pulling most of the solvent off 4g of extract is going to leave you with about a teaspoon full… if you follow the protocol and do it in a rotovap, it will all be stuck inside the boiling flask.

You could certainly evaporate your 100ml or so of solvent in a glass petri dish or other shallow container, you might then be able to achieve crystals in a 10-15ml test tube.


I would say the bho since I have never experimented with acetone ^ ^ 'but alcohol 94% could function as well ??


if the object of the game is to crystallize out of Acetone, then extracting with Acetone will get you there faster than extracting with something else, removing the solvent, and dissolving extract in acetone.

but conceptually you could certainly start with BHO, EHO, CO2 oil, or rosin as your THCA source.

You can alternatively crystallize out of butane. Which makes more sense if you did the initial extraction with butane (same logic as Acetone above)

There are other hydrocarbons (eg pentane) which work well.

It should also be possible to crystallize directly out of Ethanol, although I have not seen any reports to that effect.


I have butane extraction equipment in the pot but I am not in rotovap or anything to let go to Lacétone is my problem because the material is expensive and not really legal by me ^^’ ><


Bollocks! Acetone can be had from Home Despot by any and all.

even reagent grade acetone is inexpensive:

or get the cheap stuff from Wally World: in which case it will cost you a whole $1 for the amount you need to extract the material pictured…

on the scale you’re suggesting (~20g into 100ml), you can evaporate the acetone on the saucer your tea-cup sits on.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and posit that your butane extraction gear is not licensed…so acetone is going to be way more “legal”.


I know it but the distillation kit that I do not have
so I have to find a method to evaporate the acetone


with runs sooo small…why couldnt you just let the acetone naturally evaporate into the atmosphere…It naturally evaporates really fast…cheese cloth and a fan should do the trick. Why make this much harder.

walmart sells acetone also…dont know many places those dont exist. or amazon…


patience grasshopper: just pour it into a saucer (substituted for a watch glass) and wander away from it.

or if you’re in a hurry: you just put your lips together and blow. :wink:

my local supermarket is selling 250ml (1 cup) of “100% Acetone” (nail polish remover) for $3.50. With a small fan on it you should be able to evap a cup of acetone in an hr or 2.

I wouldn’t bother covering with cheese cloth. those dust particles can be viewed as nucleation points, and will help get the process going. At least for a small scale “how does this work” style experiment.

I’d bet money you’re not distilling your canned butane, so I see no reason to bother distilling your Acetone before using it in this application.

after evaporating most of the solvent, you’ll need to transfer it into an appropriately sized test tube or vial.

I recommend your 10-15ml diamond miner be set up as follows

reading the rest of the article I stole that from probably wouldn’t hurt.


Well, I will get the material and post a devlopment result
thank you for the explanation this is very appreciated ^^


id put a tiny bit of acetone straight outta the bottle and evap the way ur going to with the solution. should show u if theres something really weird in ur acetone and show u how fast its going to evap


This is about 2 weeks into crystallization. Started with BHO and followed the SOP above. Took a little while for them to start forming. I will be seeding my future batches with this one. Looks great so far though.

Approximately 40g in this jar.