Abstrax Tec Temper

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So it seems like there’s yet another unscrupulous terpene company. What do you all think about inhaling triethyl citrate? There’s no inhalation study, NIH has appropriate food product use at 0.25%, and the SDS says to avoid inhalation. That’s what they’re selling it for! Or so you may think.

How does this read to you? It seems the obvious implication here is that this is a cutting agent for the carts. They say that MCT is not safe for inhalation, and immediately follow up with “here’s our product!” youd think that means it is safe to inhale? Naw.

While I was on the site, a chat popped up. So I asked if the stuff was safe to inhale. The response: “Tec Temper is mainly made up from Triethyl Citrate which is commonly used in the E-cig world. Even though we do not recommend inhaling anything we are aware that many customers use this for vaping and having no issues what so ever” from a Stephen. Even here, the guy is doublespeaking! He is implying it can be used twice by saying it is in the ecig world commonly and many people use it with no adverse affects. Sandwiched in between that is the legal answer “we do not recommend inhaling anything”

Am i wrong here, or is this unscrupulous and predatory! What is with all of these terpene companies?

Haha I love how they put out literature trying to dog MCT oil and say to use this instead… All while having nothing to back that up :rofl::rofl::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

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right! this aint gonna slide!

I don’t think it’s an evil doing company.

What I think is unscrupulous is when people would manufacture their products with cutting agents such as Tec Temper and DON’T relay this forward to their consumers. Secrecy is the real danger, in my opinion.

At the end of the day, visibility into what is actually in the product is the most important thing. Let the consumers decide for themselves.


I think it was forthright that they told you what was actually it in like @Jiggymatic touched on. What do you think true terpenes would have done if you asked them what was in one of their diluents?

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TT sucks.

They do not tell you what is in it. It is a trade secret blend of tec and terpenes that they will not disclose.

The part that gets me is that they’re telling me that people use it just fine, and that the ecig industry uses it, and in the same breath covering their ass by saying “oh yeah but we dont recommend that” again, sandwiched between them implying that its okay to smoke.

Also in their “MCT vs TEC” page they talk about how MCT isnt safe to smoke, and directly transition to their product. The OBVIOUS implication is that their stuff is safe to smoke. Its not.

they’re being secretive about what it is. all they say is its tec mixed with unknown terpenes. so there is no visibility.

Nothing is safe to smoke, hombre. I agree with you that it’s bunk that they don’t say what’s all in it but then at that point, it still should be up to the consumer. Tell them you used tec temper and they can decide if it’s “safe” for them in their minds.