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Want to buy something? Use this category to put the feelers out on some equipment or non hemp products.
All hemp sales should go through the Hempire Building - Future4200 category

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I can get you all the smokable flower you need and have a multitude of kinds please feel free to let me know how much and I’ll get you over some options with coa’s
Call or text 979-676-2971

How do I get a copy of my licenses over to you so that you can verify?

We have all the documentation that you would need to prove we are fully licensed, legal, and compliant. Please send me a message with what is required so that we can move forward.

can you explain to me- TME is now a level 1 verified hemp slanger- but not a verified license holder- how do we get verified as a license holder? I want to be able to respond to the WTB people.
thank you

Never Mind,
please dont answer that question.
I can send in a copy of my State License and my Drivers License for that.
I am slowly getting the feel for the site and reading back from the beginning some things I missed.
Sorry for the distraction.
I will send in e copies of that unless you want paper copies.
thanks again

I would like to post in the WTB category.
That said, I do not see a link I can click on and create my posting.

That said, can someone please reply back to me and educate me how to post?
ISO legal, near pure Full Spectrum smokeable CBD / Hemp flower 1-3 kilos a month …

please email me kenimout@gmail.com

I’m looking for a cryo-cooler that I can use to chill my ethanol below -40c For extractions

I have a barely used freezer is southern Oregon for sale

we have cooling chiller,we are the manufacture.my whatsapp number is +86 19503842776