About the Japanese cannabinoid market

I am in Japan and have a cannabinoid business in Japan.

In Japan, semi-synthetic cannabinoids of THC-O and HHC-O and cannabinoid products such as THCH and THCB are currently very popular.

Mainly cannabinoids other than THC and HHC are legal in Japan.

Do you have any questions about the Japanese market?


What about CBD? Is CBD and CBD products for oral intake legal in Japan?

It’s legal, they sell oils, vapes, edibles, shampoos, and many other products.


Are most cannabinoids imported? Or produced in the country?

All are imported.
Although hemp is officially grown in Japan, they are not allowed except for processing into certain religious products.


How openly are the THC-O, HHC-O sold? Are they in places like convenience stores, or in more discreet storefronts/online stores/etc?


HHC was banned in Japan last year… unless they changed the laws.

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How strict are the testing procedures? I would assume just needs to test at 0% total THC?

All thc needs to be ND, no exceptions.



ND at 0.03% LOD.

Im surprised THCO and HHCO are still around out there since they tend to convert back to d8 or hhc when exposed to oxygen, heat, ect.


Yeah, I wonder if they accept COAs from the stateside or if it is required to be tested again on import

How are psychoactive substances classified by law ?
Is each molecule named on it s own
Is a molecule named and all derivatives isomers salts etc etc
Or is there some other way of psychoactive molecules implemented in your law ?

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Is this ban on cannabis derived thc enforced on the users with drug tests or is it more focused on outlawing cannabis grows?

Mainly an online store, but there are a few stores here and there.

COA is required to import raw materials into Japan.
THC must be ND.


In Japan, there are two laws regulating marijuana.
The first is the “Marijuana Control Law,” which mainly regulates marijuana plants. This law regulates the possession, cultivation, and sale of marijuana plants. However, the use of marijuana is legal.
The second is the “Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Control Law,” which regulates marijuana ingredients and applies to isolated substances such as THC and HHC.


We have several customers from JP,and oil are the most popular there now.
They purchase the cartridges , disposables and batteries from us .And the market is growing there.
We’re here to help if you’re looking for something new :slight_smile:

We have had more and more Japanese customers since the end of 2021. Most of them are using THC-O, HHC-O, CBN, and CBG.
I’m not very familiar with your laws, but more and more customers are purchasing vape devices from us.
Most of them are using cartridges and simple outlook disposable vape pens.
So I think the JP market is keeping rising, it’s a very good time to catch some vape business.

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Nice to see another J-CBD business here. Welcome. :muscle:

We OEM hemp-derived canna here but aren’t jumping on the -CO or -H trend due to the risk of it being outlawed overnight. To each their own though. There’s lots of money in it.

As far as import goes, after a few years and some trial-and-error we have a great compliance package we give to our suppliers who are interested in the market. I recommend if you’re looking to get into the market here, you pair up with someone who’s been through it a few times. It can be insanely slow and frustrating.

@mgucci has great advice…always confirm your 3P potency includes D8 and THC-a. I know a few people (including myself) who’ve been burned by failing to pay attention to it / seeing “D9 ND” and thinking “cool. we’re good to go”


If anyone here has successfully imported HDTs through official channels, DM me.
Lots of very sus HDT suppliers hawking terps here so we’re sticking with botanical derived for the moment, which makes me sad.

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