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BHO extractor here and new to forum. Bringing a new A.I. Elite 7.6 CF oven on line soon. Three items yet to purchase. Recommendations or links much appreciated.

  1. 9 CFM petroleum free vacuum pump
  2. Digital Vacuum Controller
  3. Need a vertical deep freeze with internal shelving 24 x 24" (L x W)
    unfortunately all published specs are external dimensions only.
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I’m a bit lost and struggling to find info on whether there is anything that I could cook - type of acid - that I could cook in a sous vide with CBD hash that could possible isomerize it over a 72hr period at a precise temp? Is this possible?


Hi I had a few question
1: how do I tell when I’m nitrogen pushing solvent that I’ve only gone through my extractor tube and crc chamber and only butane is in my dewaxing column before final transfer and reclaim?

2nd my dumb ass bought a forced air drying oven on accident and can’t return so being said how long and at what temp would i leave it and I have a jacketed base and a heater chiller can I winterize the muffin and fully deals if I pull it into full vac and what kind of consistency would it be after I dry it

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Hello from Montana.
I seem to be having trouble finding the private GLG section? Also any word on the black lab coats? Thanks

How do we become verified? i thought we were and then tried to post and then my post was flagged and the person said that i was a boot leger!!! I have sent in all my paper work and feel like i just lost 100$ cause this site is not doing anything for us!!! i also would like to speak with a person and not a robot!!

Does anyone know if it is possible to solventlessly crash out thc from type 3, cbd rosin?